I'm looking for the music "Epic Drums" - TOP URGENT

I need URGENT HELP, I’m looking for the music “Epic Drums”.
I downloaded it a long time ago and I no longer have the link and the history!
This is the track : https://we.tl/t-JI2abLUSs7

These are the Meta Data:

  • Title : Epic Drums
  • year : 2014
  • Lenght : 1:18
  • BPM : 120
  • Encoded By : LAME in FL Studio 11


Hi Graficandrea,

Im 100% certain people want to help you out, but i am guessing many are not willing to download files in order to do so.
I personally never download anything from someone i dont know… and it fills up my HD with stuff i dont need.
If you could use a streaming site like dropbox or soundcloud it would be no problem.

Just my two cents :wink:


Hi Robert,
thank you very much.
I don’t have dropbox or souncloud, but I have YouTube account, and this is the music:

Thank you so much

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Hi, if it actually, I have a this track. It’s my music. https://we.tl/t-2sLZsEPjMZ

Best, Jachym.

Hi jachbas,
thanks, but it’s not good. I’ve already edited a video with the base “Epic Drums” and I can not change anymore. Thank you very much, it will be for next time!

@Graficandrea, I did a quick search but I didn’t find your track, the titling system has changed since 2014 and it might be difficult to find it, if it’s still online…

now you have 2 options:

  • find a new similar track (epic drums, 120bpm) and make a new audio edit, there are many tracks on AJ with the same rhythmic pattern.
  • depending on your budget for this project, ask for a custom work to reproduce exactly the track you edited. (It’s only rhythmic, no melody, no chords, so no copyright violation).

if needed, I can do the job in next week, just send me an email via my profile page if you’re interested.
have a nice day!


Hi, I’m interested

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Hi, how about this? It’s my track, it may be as long as you need it.

Our mail is [email removed by mod]

Best, Jachym.

Thanks jachbas,
they are beautiful but they’re not good.
The video consists of a fight with swords and knives set in the early 1900s.
The soundtrack must adapt to the moment of the duel.
Thank you very much

and do you have a video? What is not good for your movie? Timing, sound or style?

Thanx, Jachym.

I have not problem adapt music for video.

It’s my studio and work. www.basetrax.cz

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