I'm looking for the following mobile UI graphics to create a short 3-6 second animated mockup

I will be using these mockups to show the faux-app for a few seconds, before cutting to another scene…

  1. Mobile UI for buying electricity (eg., user selects buy electricity, clicks buy)
  2. Mobile UI for clothing store (eg., user adds to cart, clicks checkout)
    3, Mobile UI for Music Player
  3. Mobile UI for looking at payslips (may need to revisit idea)
  4. Mobile UI for chat app just like Whatsapp
  5. Mobile UI for booking flights
  6. Mobile UI for Facetime
  7. Mobile UI for simple app game (eg., Tetris style/CandyCrush/Simple side scroller etc…)
  8. Mobile UI for property website.

Please post your links to make my search a little easier.