I'm looking for suitable music for my project!


Hi everyone, folks!

“Social media” I’m looking for music for After effect project.

Wishing to sponsor music and looking for a new and impressive online. I have a period of two weeks. Project continuation phase. Thanks in advance.


Hi ortac - Can you highlight what type of music you are looking for? Genre, style, length, etc. That would help to narrow down our suggestions. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Suitable for any social projects, and not only.

You can also search here: https://audiojungle.net/collections/5952353-corporate


Social media publicity

Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, behance Linkedin,Etc. People, institutions and corporate accounts address names. facebook.com/


In particular, I follow you. Your music great.


Hi! I want to suggest some tracks in different styles:

Orchestral epic:



More high quality commecial music you can find at my portfolio:

Hope it helps you! Good luck with your project!
Best regards,


Here ya go, mate:


Hi friend. It’s good to have some more information about your projects.
Anyway, please take a look at my portfolio here for more options. Thanks.


Hi, ortac!
I write tracks in various styles, here are some of them:




Hi @ortac - Thanks for the further description. Here are a few suggestions. Good luck with the project!


My humble contribution. :slight_smile:



I want to thank everyone for the great interest.


Hey @ortac check these out:


Hey @ortac I can offer a couple of works :wink:


Hey man.
Take a look here if you didnt find something.



Hi Ortac.This is my portfolio::https://audiojungle.net/user/imanis/portfolio





Hi Ortac,

please have a listen to these two tracks:


i would be pleased to hear your feedback!

Cheers :smiley:


I hope it’s no too late :slight_smile:


To finish the project. I chose my music. This is truly a wonderful musical called complete. I explained the owner of the music. @TimTaj-Music . I thank them. music be surprised if you choose. I reported here if the project is accepted. I again thank everyone.