I'm looking for something specific a Patreon like site with same functionality

I am Looking for A website or Wordpress templet that would allow me to set up a site that is Very much like Patreon.com with all the same features and Creator pages as well as allows me to charge Monthly recurring donations and donation tiers that would allow extra content as well as a platform usage fee to creators and allow them and Patrons to have there own account. I want it to be easy to setup and easy to link any payment solution i wish. If made on Wordpress letting me like a payment plugin for woocommerce would be best. each Creator would have there donation go into there account minus the platform fee.

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And it will be great that is cost 59$ with life time time updates and support?
This is custom made site and you will not find out of box solution. If you don’t have any experience with WP what every developer made it will not be easy for you.

Custom made is not a problem for me as long as it’s secure and hook it into a payment Prosser or 2 of my choice. With the flexability to add more fetures later on. But want it to have all the fetures that Patreon has now plus maybe some that a dev could think of that would add value

Hi, this template looks like patreon