I'm looking for product like this (mouse over a text show image in the left side)



I need this script, on this page http://www.fitbit.com/charge
on (Everything you need, all in one place.) when you mouse over the text the image change on the left side
do you know any script that I can use to achieve this effect?

Thanks in advance
Best Regards.


Hi kaito

It may not need an actual script :slight_smile: a lot of this (well all) can be done with ‘simple’ CSS transitions - if you take a look at https://kwikbitz.online/bitz/nesparx/ and hover over the images different things happen.

This page is just ‘my play thing’ hence lots of images and the script etc it does change as I add/remove functionality but you should get the gist.

OK depending on your connection speed it may take some time to - there are 51 ‘sensible’ images on the page - not all animated - and you will want to ignore the ongoing animation as said just try hovering over the images some have transitions some don’t some show text on hover and some allow you to click and open a modal.

So as said - a lot of this (well all) can be done with ‘simple’ CSS transitions if you need any help there please ‘shout’ at me :slight_smile: - you can contact me via my Envato profile here