I'm looking for plugins for price adjustments and shipping options.

We’ve an online coffee shop and we need two plugins (or one if it can handle our both needs). Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  1. We wish to make discounts in some or all our products from time to time and we wish the discount to be seen on the web site. We also wish to arrange prices depending on the purchases. For example when the customer buys coffee we wish to offer coffee filter papers with a discount and we wish the customer to see the offer when he/she adds the coffee to the shopping basket. We will also add coffee machines, Chemex, v60 and some other equipment to the products we offer and wish to make similar offers for them. For example if he buts Chemex we wish to offer Chemex filter paper or maybe coffee and so. Which plugin do we need to make such arrangements?

  2. The second issue is the shipping options. Currently we do not charge any shipping costs to our customers but when we add filter papers we’ll have to charge shipping for papers. As mentioned above we wish to offer filter papers with coffee (or some other equipment) and if they decide to buy filter papers with coffee or with some other equipment we wish to send filter papers without shipping costs. We need a plugin to make such adjustments. Which plugin do we need?*

Thank you very much for your help,