I'm looking for HTML5 DEV

Hi guys !
First of all, sorry about my english.
So, i’m looking for some programmers for help me out with my project.
I’m making a personal CMS project and i’m looking for volunteer to making some themes for my CMS.
All theme will be free for everyone but i just need someone for makin these one based on my CMS.
I’m able to pay for the service if the quality is good…
Main framework : Bootstrap 4.4.x

Im usually speaking french however I can manage to communicate in English.

Try www.studio.envato.com

Thank you for your suggestion. The problem is the content. I really need a template with 3 colors and there are no interesting template

You can hire a freelancer on envato studio (link above) to build whatever you want.

This way you have some level of protection in the process