Im looking for AJ artist from my VH Logo Animation project.

Hi AudioJungle
One of my VideoHive Animation has two audio options, and first of them is just not there anymore.
Im trying to write to this guy but I thing his account was deleted ?

Now i get 1 star rating to my one of best selling animation because buyer didnt have chance for get audio.

Anybody know this Artist Grach ? How I can contact him
Please help

Hi I did a few searches on google and if you search by his user name here in audiojungle you
Can find several profiles in other sites, in one of them you can find his personal mail.
Good luck!

he has a active acount, check again.

Hi Hikari,

your request is 2 days old. Any success?

I would definitely contact the support with this issue two get the 1-star rating deleted. It’s possible if the rating isn’t justified. Hey, you’re selling the VH-item not the track. Nobody can expect from you to check the accessibility of every item you just featured and don’t maintain. Try it - looks better! :wink:

Good luck!

Yes AJ Author Grach had back online, Im happy about that now my Virtual Reality Logo Reveal is again full working.
But Support replayed that they have nothing to do about this rating, and its client bad experience.

I contacted the client and he said that he will not remove this one star because he couldn’t find the animation audio.
Witch was not my fault… And Primo: Animation was designed for 2 optional versions so he always can buy version number two witch is very similar to nr 1 futuristic mood.

Seems like I see/hear more and more authors getting protest ratings about things that either were out of their control or not something the work even offered in the first place. It baffles me why people would search through a choice of thousands of tracks, choose one, then decide it wasn’t any good! Why? I can understand maybe a three/four star rating if it was all that could fit a theme (even though that stretches credibility with the insane selection on offer). Mostly you get authors asked to customise dirt cheap stock audio for no extra money amd then down rated because they had the good sense to say no.

All our work is subject to a strict review process to make sure lower quality items are filtered out…so what is the point of a rating system? Surely because our work has been allowed to be sold then it is five star quality already?

I’ve never had any problems with any of this and every one who bought my tracks went off and enjoyed life as far as I know but I can see how frustrating it must be to feel pressured or bullied by purchasers who might abuse the rating system for their own gain or self importance.

Good luck with sales everyone! :grinning:

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