I'm Looking for a Wordpress Theme that looks like https://thoughtcatalog.com/

I’m looking for a WordPress Theme that resembles thoughtcatalog.com.

Hopefully your link is not an ad link, otherwise it will be deleted.

The theme of the website you mentioned is a custom one, but if you are looking for similar themes, you can find one here: https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/blog-magazine

It’s against the policies to post a link but as you have posted it so upon looking into your website it seems like a custom website. If you are looking forward to have services of a professional then ping me via mail. I can help you out in custom designing and development.

No it’s not an ad link. And yes I know how to browse through the Blog Wordpress Themes section of Envato. however I am looking something that has a feel to the above mentioned website… A list of similar themes would help a lot. Thank you