I'm looking for a WordPress theme or plugin to allow me choose image template, choose size and then upload images to personalise the image.

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a wordpress theme or plugin that will allow me have a canva (canva.com) style website.

What I am looking to do is this:

Create a 3 step process where:

  1. User chooses a large background image template (skyline, ocean, outer space )
  2. They select the size of the background image
  3. They upload 5-7 images to be placed on the background image to personalise it.

Is there a theme or plugin out there that can do this? I have searched but can’t find anything

Hi @aidanlawlor1,

A theme that behaves like canva may be hard to find, and so may be plugin. Features they have were developed specifically for their site and are rather sophisticated, there’s not much more you can do with canva options.

I would suggest hiring a professional that is able to recreate website with similar options/look via Envato Studio (the cost of final product may be adequate to features you are looking for):