Im looking for a wordpress plugin

Im looking for a wordpress plugin that I can do something similar to:

I want to do a Design your Fish tank area.

So a member would put details of their tank in, Height width and length, the site then works out how many litres it is and how much fish it can hold in Centimetres, So member names their tank, saves it and begins to add fish to it.

Each fish has a size in CM, This is deducted off the total the tank details state you can have, SO Your tank is big enough for 100cm of fish and you choose a fish which is 4cm, so you now have 96cm of space left, you add 3 more of that fish to the tank so another 12cm is taken up.

However Im completely lost with the next bit: Some fish cant go together, Some fish you need more males to female, some fish are big and need a certain width tank… SO if a member adds

Fish A
Fish B
Fish C
Fish D
Fish E

It’ll flag up notes like the following if needed, It’d be good if the notes where colour coded.

Fish A and D will fight.
Fish C is too big for your tank
Fish B you need 1 male to every 3 females
If you notice Fish E becoming territorial trying add a few more to shoal.

Common issues with fish keeping:

Some fish will be able to go with any fish,
some fish cant go in the same tank as another species,
some fish cant go with the same gender as their own species
some fish cant go with fish smaller than a certain amount cm because they will eat them
Some fish need tanks a certain length.

So on the admin end, I can add fish species, photo, Details, important notes, List fish they can not be mixed with, List minimum tank size, Whether they need to be shoal, whether they need more female, whether they can only be with that species.

Users can have up to 10 tanks saved.

I dont know if there is anything out there capable of anything near to this or whether I need to have it custom made? Can any help please