Im looking for a wordpress plugin who do this.

Website, home advisor
when I type in zip code, a lot of question comes. I would like to implement that questionnaire on my website.
Any idea? is this a plugin or it has to be designed for a coder? thanks

You didn’t provide any information’s what CMS your site will use? You can use such plugins but I dont know what is your needs or that plugins will cover what you want on site.

Zaccc thank you very much for your respond our website use WP.
Did you click the link? When you click the link it ask for a lot of question with pictures. and the end ask for contact information and on top show the progress.
We are a service company who do electrical work and we would love to ask our customers about what type of services they need.
The only thing that I see similar to this is this plugin.
I will buy anything who do the work. Thanks

I have made several sites using this plugin Here you have and examples. You dont need something fancy just to get info from client.

Im sorry, im looking for exactly like homeadvisor