I'm looking for a script

Hello everyone
I have to create a landlord’s date where I can put their renters with a technical card and a review

I look for something that can be good you can help me

thank you so much

Hi @mrd3v1lz.

Although it is not a specific landlords script, it is a bit more general, as you can create which type of event you will have. Just have a look and see if it helps:

Best regards.

No is what I am looking for

I would need a site where I create documents but landlords fill out a form and it remains a pdf file

Sounds like you would definitely need a custom built solution.

If you can provide a bit more info or examples of the type of site, and assuming ha you have the budget for a custom solution then you will almost certainly be able to find someone at www.studio.envato.com


Feel free to contact:


you may want to check this out: