I'm looking for a new music composer theme


I’ve just reviewed a dozen of themes, but none of them seem to fit the bill what I’m looking for. I’ll keep it short, what i need is:

  • A theme that looks good on ultrawidescreen monitors, as well as regular 16:9, tablets and mobile. A lot of themes (also the theme I’m currently using) look pretty empty on 3440x1440px (a lot of whitespace on left and right side). I’m all open for a fullscreen-style theme, but the menus should be visible and be big rather than small on the big desktop version.
  • A Full-Width player for different styles that don’t features album graphics, maybe expect for the different playlists. To better explain, what I mean, people look at: http://johngrahammusic.com/music I’m pretty much looking for a player like this; not necessary in the tab-style nor the graphical style, which looks pretty outdated, but I do want a single site (“Music”) to be able to have different Playlists/Players (like “8bit”, “Orchestral”, etc.). The reason for this “non-graphic-look” that I want is that constantly looking for pictures really slows my workflow down and nobody is really looking at them anyway. Most themes feature a grid/coverflow style selection, that would be cool for genres (like 8bit or Orchestral) but not for single tracks.

Bonus Points:

  • Should be lightweight.
  • Minimal design would be cool.

My current theme is K-BOOM, which apparantly isn’t updated anymore and also looks quite a bit dated nowadays.

Can anybody help me find a good theme?

Kind Regards

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