I'm looking for a music marketplace theme (for specific use)

Hi everybody! i’m a dj and producer and i’m looking for someone with experience in music for a particular wordpress theme to create a music marketplace for sell digital music tracks.
My project is based on different steps:

  1. A theme that allows users to register, or as “producer” or as “buyers”.
    The “producer” registration must have: name, last name, producer nickname, email and password.
    The “buyers” the same fields except the “producer name”.

The producer profile must allows to a producer to upload his music tracks on my own ftp through a gravity form or some other plugins that allow to upload a cover for the track, choose a music genre for his track and a litlte text area for a short description about the track and at the end of the page an area to upload a zip file with inside all the material we request.

the producer must have his own profile where he can check his approved (by admin) tracks, his revenues, and all the details about his registration.

All the tracks have to be reviewed and approved by admin before to be published on the site.

The track can be sold only one time, because it’s exclusive. once the track has been sold, the vistors are no longer be able to liste to it or check the details. so it needs a “sold” stick on the cover image of the track!

the pack with inside the track can be unlocked and downloaded only after buyer paid with paypal.
So should be visibile in his account, that the track is ready to be downloaded after his payment.

it’s been a long time i’m searching for a theme that can allows to do that! if anybody is intersted to create and develop this theme let me know and i can help you through all the work!

p.s u can take as reference this website: www.houseoftracks.com

Thanks, i hope anybody is interested in this project.

Kind regards