I'm going to get hard reject. Why?

Friends, after many rejections I’m asking you for help. Please, tell me, what’s wrong with my music? And I’ll be very-very pleasant, if you tell me more details, not common opinion like “bad mixing” and something like that.
Thanks in advance!)

The strings sound unnatural, fake and plastic. There is something wrong with the dynamics of the strings as well. It sounds like a quick swell. And this is distracting.

The bass sounds which starts at 1:29 is too hard and heavy for this genre IMO.
The synth sound which starts around 00:54 could be smoothened.
And the track ends abruptly

But the potential is there.

Good luck

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Thank you! Maybe you mean synth chords, that start 1:29? Or exactly bass sound?

Yes. The bass and the synth.
And this track track sounds more like a house to me, not corporate. Maybe you should upload this track as a “Fashion House” etc in house section.

Yes, I’m already thought about changing category. Thank you a lot!)

But as i said I would change the bridge section (that hard synth part) to a smoother transition.

And the string sounds must change as well.

Yes, I get it. I’m already going to open project)

You’re welcome by the way.

I see a potential in ths track. Liked it.

Really, thank you a lot for your advises and time.

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