I'm from Egypt and i dont know what i do about tax

Hello guys how are you today … i hope you’re fine
please i have a problem about tax form … I’m from egypt and i dont own a tax number and i think citizens are exempt from tax so what i do about this … i think there was a problem because i get this in statement page US Backup Withholding Tax every time 6$ or more so please tell me what should i do to solve this

Thanks so much

Egyptians aren’t exempt from income tax unfortunately! Your local tax office should be able to provide you with some kind of tax ID number.

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Put your ID card number on your tax information and it’s done.

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Thanks For Your Replay
I’m asking in the tax office and they told me they didn’t have a number for the tax :frowning:

Thanks for your replay my friend
can i do that ? okay i will do it and i hope it worked … thanks so much