I'm finally Elite!

Well, kind of. This month, I reached $75,000 in total sales. However, it’s split across two different accounts, so I’m not actually Elite… but it’s the thought that counts!

So remember kids, more than one account is all fine and dandy, but if you want to get to space quicker, while eating Vegemite in your Elite t-shirt… stick to just the one.


Congrats, kind of!

Congratulations mate.

Yea !!! :smiley:
Congratulations buddy !!! :gift:
And many thanks for your hard work by Moderator !!!:boom:

Congratulations SpaceStockFootage!!! Wish you have 2 elite accounts as soon as possible! :^)

Great accomplishment AND… your advice is out of this world! :stars:

Congrats!!! :smiley:

Congrat… :wink:

Congratulation @SpaceStockFootage :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile: