I'm allowed to modify a game, and publish it to multiple distribution portals?


I purchased a Construct 3 game with a Regular License. This one: Color Fall - HTML5 Game | Construct 2 & Construct 3 by Svixel | CodeCanyon.

I don’t understand if I’m allowed to:

  1. Modify the game source code and assets and publish the game to multiple game distribution sites
  2. Have more variations of the game, like with new assets, design, one for Christmas, one for Halloween, and publish it again, to other sites

I can make 1) and 2) with a single regular license? From what I understand, yes. But I would like to be sure about it.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello @Stefan_N

Yes, as long as you do not distribute the source code, you can distribute the end product (the final version of the game) on multiple platforms.

The extended license is required only when the players must pay to access your game (for the entire game template) or parts of the game in which an item was used (for other elements inside the game i.e. a cool sword created using graphics from GraphicRiver).

To make is shorter:

  • If the user must pay to access the game you need an Extended License.
  • if the user can access the game for free, Regular License is fine.