I'm afraid of hard reject! Need you HELP please!)

Hy people of envato
I have my very first meditation track here. I’m a pretty new author in audiojungle and this time I’m new to this kind of music as well. I’m afraid of been rejected. So need some expert opinion here on this track. What do you say? tnx a lot!

create hip hop on that and reupload :wink:

-) sure
but I’m still asking for some help and comments

To my mind it’s better to do more dynamical arrangement, add more melodies. It’s to abstract to AudioJungle. When I want to get more abstract feel I do my melodies quiter, but not such arrangement without melodies. Hope this help you!

I don’t agree. Soundscape do not have to have melody. It’s all about the atmosphere.

But I do think there is not enough going on compared to the length.

Cut it down to 2min tops. Is the second version really necessary? Haven’t heard that much difference between the two. The second version cuts abruptly. This mistake could lean towards rejection.

Why don’t you listen to your meditation track and see if it helps to alleviate anxiety :slight_smile:

thats what i thought but then I started listening to other tracks like this one and they were like no melody and very easy - only abstract atmosphere and changing chords progression… mmm

thanks for your thoughts!
the second version is a loop so it is exactly the same

it helps) unfortunatelly this approach was not that much effective with my previous rejected items)

it’s a good track to be featured on your CDbaby.com own album of meditation music.

if you want to showcase it on AudioJungle,
it has to have more harmonies there, to be a little more dynamic as in
to have at least 4-6 harmonies that you go through, slowly, with some gentle piano and pads
and slow deep bass maybe…

just my 10 cents

There are different strategies of writen music, I think that abstract tracks with quiet melodies better than abstract withou it. It’s my opinion.

A loop should be much shorter, 30 sec at most. Such a long loop will most likely not get accepted on here.

tnx for the ideas!

I have several long loops in portfolio, they go as a second or third version of the track… so eather you are wrong or they havent noticed my long loops (which I doubt)…

This will be hard rejected unfortunately. Reviewers at envato will take into great account the amount of clients who will get use of this track. First off, no video editor, motion designer or television director would be interested in meditation music, so you have lost half the clients buying music from envato ! Who would buy this track ? you have to get an answer to this question. My humble advice is to invest your time in something that will sell, REALLY SELL and attract the attention of reviewers who also take into great account the aesthetic quality. Not that the track is not wonderful, but I am being harsh when thinking of sales. Reviewers are not so excited to get your music online as much as you are, so think the same way they do, think about the market and client exposure not just getting your track approved and online… you need that cash flowing in… so does envato and the reviewers !!! I hope I have been of any help …

some people who make personal blog videos can buy it, like vlogs about meditation, yoga, relaxation, orient culture so on… very limited number of people but still…

there is a market for meditation, yoga, therapy, spa music for sure; you just have to make it more appealing. As it stands now is just some atmospheric textures on some chords and from my point of view is just not enough. My advice for you is to listen to some meditation tracks already approved on AJ to understand what is really accepted and not.

Best Wishes!