I'm afraid I need your assistance again.

Hey, guys !
I’m afraid I need your assistance again.
What kind of category suited this track ?

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I think that most of all comes to the genre of Corporate. Although some authors sometimes indicate Ambient in tracks that sound the same

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hey @zigro

why not tech? it has that kind of mood…

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Thank you, MARiAN !

I think the Category of “hard rejected”. :wink: But this is unverified information. Keep us posted… :+1:

Lemonello : Well, I think is corporate category.

I didn’t quite understand this statement:confused:

))) Well, I think is corporate category.

Unusual music for this place but still you can try.

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I think you can give an opportunity to your original track :smiley:
althought I would take care of some details:
the reverse time, 0:31, sounds weird… again in 1:05… it sounds incomplete.
this arpeggiate sound it’s nice, but I would try to decrease the gain and give to the piece some nice lead.
just some ideas…
I don’t like the end… I found this incomplete…
good luck! :smiley:
Oh, sorry! I didn’t asnwer your main question… hope don’t bother you for my long explaination…
the category… tech is fine…

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