i'm affraid my reviewer get confused



i’m in the theme reviewing process, i’ve fix several issue and got fast respond from the reviewer

but on my resubmission envato upload seem has issue, i’ve upload and the upload disappear, i’ve a couple time, but when i’m check later all the upload shows so i delete all, and giving latest resubmision, but all message already on history, if afraid this will make reviewer get confused

since then i never get any respond again


I couldn’t understand a single thing from your message, try improving your english as it will help you on the marketplaces too.


Don’t worry about that the reviewer will check your latest submitted file with your latest message.


neither do i, i’m using google translator :grinning:


Don’t worry, it was understandable.


Hi vinirama

As I recall all uploads are deleted after 24h. if you have submited then it is alright since I believe that the files are copied to another location on submit.