I'm a newbie and don't know where to head

Hello folks,

I have just created my account few minutes ago :smile: and I don’t know where to start, what to do…etc.
My purpose of joining themeforest is to create templates. I’m a web designer so I thought this will be a good thing to do. I have a template that I created few weeks ago but I don’t know If I should normally upload it like that or I should add a ReadMe file as I’ve heard. And if so, how do I create a good ReadMe file. I’ve never created one before.
Please help me out to get started as this is my first time selling templates. I’ve been working as a freelancer on Fiverr but never tried to sell templates.

Hi @Youssef_Kamel,

Welcome on board! You should start with these articles, very helpful piece of work:



There are various free/premium documentation builders like this one.

It might be wise to share a demo link to your item here in the forums too before submission to gather feedback from the community. There are some very experienced authors and buyers here, and often creating items for sale here can be very different from traditional development.

Thank you! How do I share a demo of the template that I created? Should I simply host it online and ask others to check it out and give feedback? :thinking:

Thank you @lucalogos I will surely check it out.

You will have to provide a working demo (not just the source files) when submitting an item, so the easiest way is to host your item somewhere and then share that link here.

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Alright, Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

I’m sorry, last question :sweat_smile: In which category I should add a demo so others can give me feedback?

In forums - I guess author hangout, or author themeforest, either would probably work

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