I'm 0 for 2

I purchased 2 different items here at Envato in the last 2 months and have already had to request refunds on both.

I requested the refund on the first because the item was not well documented, and I don’t think it was quite ready for prime time. I think the product has potential, and told the author if they fixed the issues I’d consider purchasing the item in the future.

The experience with the second item, an Android project, was unbelievably difficult. The author flat out refused to fix any of the issues. The documentation was awful, after saying so they claimed to have fixed it, but when I looked it was nearly identical to the original documentation. The reason I purchased the project, and I purchased 2 copies so I could make 2 separate apps, was to save myself time. The app was pretty basic, which would have allowed me to build off what the author created. The problem was, I would have had to first fix the hundreds of errors, warnings and typos. Had the author stated in the description of the item that the customer would be responsible for fixing those issues, I never would have purchased it.

I don’t know. I’d still like to purchase something basic to use as a template for the Android apps I want to create, but after the experiences I have had, I am now leery of purchasing anything more from Envato.

This has got to be a fluke, right?


Thanks for asking question at Envato Forum.

Envato market have some policy about get refund you can check this

If you thing you deserve refund then make refund request from here:
Click This Button For New Refund Request


You don’t understand. It’s not that I didn’t know I could get a refund, or that I don’t know how to get a refund. It’s that I have had to do it twice in as many months.That not only say’s a lot about the authors, but Envato.