Illustrator error: Can't open the illustration

Apparently this error isn’t very common.
I find help for “Can’t open the illustration” errors, but the errors described always contain more info. My error only says what I stated.
Illustrator gives the error, then “opens” the file, but it’s blank.
And here’s the kicker: I CAN open any of these files normally on another install of Illustrator on the network.

So it’s not the files, though just for reference I tried .eps, and .ai.
And it’s not an overall Illustrator error, because I have successfully opened some files.

Illustrator doesn’t have a preferences file that I know of the way InDesign does, that I might throw away and make it rewrite.

Network permissions are fine, because the user can open/edit/save other files in the same drive and folder.

Open the corrupt file in Acrobat.
Take the arrow tool.
Click on any element or text in the document.
Just move the object by hitting one of the directional arrows on your keyboard.
File, Save.
or use Illustrator Restore Toolbox -