Illegal? use of my videos in VH AF project


I just saw on Videohive that lots of my videos (which are avaiable to buy on Stocks) are in use as placeholders in few AF projects here in VH. But those clips are where not bought anywhere. This is 1:1 edit from my Vimeo page. The guy just grab/stolen lots of videos from different people (stockers, pro and amateur cinematographers) and put to his projects. He admited this in one comment under some project.

I know that those videos are not attached to purchase (propably) but they “making” his project alive and advertise a lot.

What I should do? What you think?

I’m assuming you’ve not distributed them under a Creative Commons license on Vimeo? A lot of authors will use Creative Commons stuff as placeholders for their templates… things like the Blender Foundation movies for example. And usually from Vimeo as you can search by CC and usually download them as well.

But if this isn’t the case, and an author is using your intellectual property when they shouldn’t be, you should contact support so they can take appropriate action.

No Creative Commons Licence thicked to all my videos at Vimeo. No credits, no information, no links to my stock videos.
The best thing is that author has a “Copyright Ninja” badge.

Yeah, bad taste to put your products without a contact, notice or permission. Your models and footages are really great.
Don’t know whom you talking about, but the funniest thing will be if those “ae projects” are stolen from somewhere, too.

So Ive contacted with support about this. Answer? They are no copyrights experts. They cant do nothing (SERIOUSLY? They cant do nothing in their own Marketplace?) until their receive a compliant DMCA request. Whaaaat?

I dont have time for this paperology things. Besides the guy in meantime replaced my videos in his AE projects to other - propably also stolen without copyrights. He will still making money.

Hi Daniel,

Submitting a DMCA form is unfortunately the only way to proceed with the copyright process (as a fellow author, I understand how much of an inconvenience this is, but it’s unfortunately the way things have to work). Otherwise, without an official DMCA form, all authors could contact support and request that certain projects be taken down without evidence or supporting documentation, which as you can imagine, could become incredibly problematic.

  1. If your videos weren’t available under CC license - so envato should react, they simply shouldn’t accept such projects.

  2. I really don’t understand authors who uses videos in such way. I don’t see any problem to use watermarked video from stock footages in AE Projects previews

That’s fine with Envato content, but not with any old watermarked stock footage. I’m sure that’s what you meant, but just wanted to clarify for others who might be reading.

You’re right, that is what I meant =)

daniel_dash I downloded your video but need to have a URL to use in my emails. Can you email me how to do this?