if my html template has been hard rejected what is the reason?


what is the reason for hard rejection on ThemeForest? is this possible my HTML template be rejected for bad documentation!!!

ThemeForest only says this template is out of our quality!!! (unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward)

what is the meaning of quality?
code quality???
design quality???
documentation quality???
copyright is not correct???
I am a bad man???

I am confused.

what the hell???

can anybody help me??

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That msg of hard reject is because of design that is not good enough for themeforest for this days.

Design (sections, fonts, maybe ideea of design) you can add here printscreen with your project.

Good luck

for lack of well documented author will get soft rejeceted.

Quality mean a collection of things as like: Aesthetic design, premium features with commercial values, clean and well written code … etc.

Please don’t upset and try to make your next upload more attractive with Aesthetic design and premium features.

If you like you can share your demo url to get feedback from fellow authors.


Template design only???