If it is sold, it goes down on search results ranking πŸ€”

Today I noticed interesting thing. Normally, if new items are sold it goes up in search results.

But today i noticed my (6 month old) item was sold and went down from #30 to #34 in search results. And i noticed it is not that new items came to the category or the other existing items went up, it actually was my item went down.

I’m wondering why algorithm works like this? :thinking:

Well… try https://videohive.net/search/modern%20buildings?_ga=2.111127373.95265579.1582872823-514334771.1561290924&utf8=βœ“ almost 2 pages of items of a single author. sad…

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I looked at it, the footages there uploaded yesterday so it can be considered β€œnormal”, but yeah of course it is sad.