if I update revolution slider will I loose my existing sliders

I have Jupiter Theme which comes with Revolution Slider. We have dozens of sliders. But we hit an error. So I cant get support until I buy a new version of the Slider.

WILL I LOOSE all my existing sliders if I update?
I have YEARS invested in these existing sliders. I cant loose them.


yes there is a most possibility that old version Revolution Slider slideshow will not work if you update the slider plugin. If you export the old version slideshow then update plugin and try to import then also a possibility that import slideshow will not work. So the best way will be before making plugin update ask this issue to the plugin Author. Hope they will Assist you about your concern and give you the best solution.

Thanks- The plugin author wont give me support unless I buy it, The plugin was bundled in my theme. This is a serious issue with WordPress and themes/plugins.

no need to ask support just post a comments going through the plugin details page and post a cooments that you would like to purchase but you need a confirmation what will happen for my existing slideshow. WILL I LOOSE all my existing sliders if I update hope plugin Author will be very happy to answer you.

Thanks. Where is the plugin details page you pointed at?

you can post comments Here for wordpress.

@mgscoder Link doesn’t go any where. :frowning:

sorry! try again.

perfect thanks!!!

Just get the backup of your website ( files/database ) and update the RS. If something goes wrong ( most likely it won’t ) you can restore the backup

ok thanks. Every step with Wordpress takes so much time for simple tasks.