If I didn't fill some tax details before 31DEC2015 I'll be loosing another 50% ?

As per subject - I just sold some piece of music and $4.2 went somewhere … I’m musician (also) - could someone tell me if I ever going to get those money or not ?

Thanks SpaceStockFootage - I still don’t know anyway, and I also know no one will ever care to answer that in simple yes/no as I’m not generating that income for whole Envato business.

The simple answer to your question is ‘probably’. But there’s a lot more to it than that, and based on your post, you probably need to start from the beginning.

Quoted from:

What happens if I don’t complete my tax info until after withholding starts?
Any amounts withheld prior to receiving your tax information will be sent to the IRS.

So, get on it soon before more of your money is withheld for tax which you will never see again, when the UK has a 0% withholding rate making you one of the fortunate authors :rabbit:

Thanks Typps, of course first thing I did when I got my head around this subject was to fill up tax information providing NI number which used in UK for tax purposes. I’m I correct to think next sale won’t have this kind withholding surprises ?

You shouldn’t see any deductions after submitting tax info. I don’t see any on mine but I filled my form long before when it was first announced :joy: :joy:

Quite possible Envato will be deducting this tax money from my sales till 31st Dec 2016 :frowning: Thanks anyway. It’s Friday - good moment for a sip of brandy :slight_smile:

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