If I delete any product, Is the product rating will be deleted with it ?

I facing many problem in my one product. So, I think that, I’ll delete that item. Now tell me anyone Is the item rating will be deleted with it ? I don’t know about it.

Do you mean if the rating will be removed from your overall author rating? Then the answer is no. Deleting items does not remove the ratings from your profile page.

Thanks for your information.

If i want to delete poor rating, what will i do

You can’t delete ratings unless they violate the terms of service (for example, leaving a negative review because you refused a refund is a violation). In these cases you can contact support about it and they’ll consider removing it.

But if the review is valid feedback then support will not remove it.

The only other way to remove a review is to refund the buyer. Refunding a buyer will remove their review immediately (edit: within a day or so).

Thank you so much. But how i refund the buyer?

They will need to open a refund request at https://codecanyon.net/refund_requests/new and then you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to approve or decline it.

Ya, But can i refund him from my sale automatically?

Nope, it has to be buyer-initiated.

Ok Thank you

Out of interest did you already remove items?

Your portfolio has a star rating but no item in the list seems to have a confirmed rating for it.

All of @baileyherbert s advice is spot on, but if you have already removed the item that led to your profile rating then you won’t be able to reinstate/refund/later that so easily

No, I did not remove any item. Yes, You are right.

Don’t worry about 2 negative ratings. I think you could have handled the rating response comments better but it’s fine as is now. Just move on. Do not delete your item because of this. Ratings are a dime a dozen and to be honest, i’ve seen terrible items with horrible ratings still make better sales than items that have great ratings but fail to sell.

Just keep producing items that sell and don’t let a few negative ratings discourage or distract you.

Good luck!

Thank You