If I change payout from Payoneer to SWIFT

If I change the payout option from Payoneer to SWIFT today 14th September, can I get my payout via SWIFT tomorrow 15th?

I forgot to change it sadly

Or should I wait the next month in this case?

Any idea?

Any changes to payout method made in one month will take effect from the next month.


Yes. You will receive payment next month.

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Too late, the one for last month will still go to payoneer. starting with current month (which is paid next month) will be via the desired method (in your case swift)

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@crivion @Theo_Sound @SPRUKO Thank you for the replay! Any idea what will happen if the Payoneer account temporarily blocked? Will I get the payment from Envato? It blocked temporarily for 48 hours maybe (I forgot to send them docs)

This is My thought only. Incase Before envato team sending to Payoneer account already that account already blocked, Again re credit in your envato account. No then you will receive payments next month. In case After Envato sent payment in case blocked Payoneer account then amount stucked in Payoneer account.

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Thank you all!