If Here Are Any One Who Are Using "REhub" Theme?

If can I create a product comparison table with rehub theme without any 3rd party plugin like content egg or affiliate egg?

Almost certainly not - that type of functionality requires data feeds which are almost certainly not going to come as standard in stock themes

Thank you for your reply! Please check the site (removed)

. Can I create this table with Rehub theme? But I don’t want to use any other 3rd party plugin like “content egg or affiliate egg”

And there are any refund option available with REhub theme?

That site is using basically blog posts that aggregate other reviews on their site

You won’t be able to do it with that theme (or most others on a stock marketplace either), unless you know his to write the necessary code as the back end needs to be setup in the right way too.,

You might find a theme that has review post types which would be a good start but even then will require work to get it to where this is.

Could you say, how can I create this “Comparison Table” with REhub theme? Because I’m very interested on it. Have a good day!