if Envato can provide loans in cash, with a direct payment cut of total revenue each month of author?

I think every author has a critical need that urgent of money , and requires of funds, if Envato could facilitate this by providing loans (of course, with a maximum limit of loan) will be very meaningful to the author. With direct payments deducted from earning author each month.

Loan companies and banks provide loans. Stock marketplaces don’t. And in my opinion, shouldn’t.


Envato is not a bank!

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Think envato like your real work. In you real work you said to your “boss”, give me the money today, next day, this afternoon, whatever?

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Lol this thread. People expect too much now a days.


I just think, how if someone( GR author) want to married,but money isn’t enough and don’t have anything for guarantee to borrow money from bank?

Then you’d get a payday loan, sell some stuff, visit a loanshark, pawn something in, steal it, save up, get down the casino or borrow it from friends… like everyone else does.

If somebody can’t afford to get married then they should start saving and wait until they do have enough money to get married. I can’t afford to buy a house at the moment, but that doesn’t mean Envato should start doing mortgages. My local shop is several miles away, but that doesn’t mean Envato should do home grocery deliveries.

Envato is a stock marketplace. There’s more likelihood that Google for Facebook would start offering loans before Envato do.

And what if nobody pays these loans back… that’s going to impact the profitability of Envato as a company, which can only be a bad thing for those that are here to sell stuff, not borrow stuff.

Well, that’s the way I see it anyway.

Sounds bit odd but little meaningful. Here is what I propose

Suppose you are an author and need quick money thn envato can give the money from your own $$ but as they are giving you upfront thy can charge.

not sure how my idea is but just a thought. can be modified :stuck_out_tongue:

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