Identifyy: one month disappeared from report

On December 28th I saw an updated in Identifyy report, showing me “Quarter 3” with July, August and September.
Today I checked it back and July disappeared (with its earnings) and Quarter 3 only includes August and September.

Have you noticed the same thing?


Same problem

So it’s probably a temporary bug, hopefully they’ll fix it before pay day.

Be careful with these “temporary” bugs… i am still waiting for one in Aprils report…

I think it’s better to write them.

Same here

Just checked and my July also disappeared. I’ll wait a few days to see if it’s just a bug and then i’ll report. If anyone reported and got the problem resolved please write back here.

Yes I’ve reported the issue before opening the thread, we’ll see on Monday if the bug is still there.

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Same here wtf

Support answered, they’re working on a fix for that :slight_smile:


Thanks @lucafrancini!

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Thanks for info! I Have same issues with July. Will be monitoring this thread

same with me. I have contacted them. let’s see.

Hi, ooh, really interesting, this is my first report with them, and I did not realize July was missing!

EDIT=> my bad… I joined in August only… :slight_smile:

Hi colleagues,
Because the earnings are so low with audio jungle, we have decided to withdraw. Only top authors seem to have a reasonable income, but as soon as you are not listed there you have little chance. We’ve had a sale since August 1 that you won’t get paid out because you don’t reach $ 50. This does not work, so we will offer our music ourselves through other channels. Kind regards Arjan and Eelco van Elst (Innervoice Productions)

I have same problem

Same, but I think it’s a bug they haver to fix (I hope).
And the reviewing takes a bit long I see. Problems?

Fixed, july´s report…