identifyy not pay money

Hi guys. I registered on identifyy 9 month ago. First earnings in identifyy-dashboard I saw in january 2022 (for december 2021) but (in april) there was no payment. …“Well, it happens”, - I thought.
But in 30 july is new quarter of a year, and mus be pay for Jan, Feb and March (and for Dec for me) and… still NOTHING!
Who else did not receive payments from identifyy for this (and last) quarter (to payoneer)?
Their support has been promising for almost a month that they will soon pay, but nothing happens.
Does anyone have this problem too or is it just me?

I have the same thing.

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Did you reach the threshold?

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Yeap. As they say - thay tried to send, but something not worked in system, and they will fix this. But… too long time gone…

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Hey! You might want to check this thread. Other authors were in the same situation and some of them already received the pending payment. Clearly some others still didn’t.

I also joined Identifyy 9 months ago and received my first payment just in time with no delays.

Good luck! Hope they solve this soon!


Thank you! I will look now