Identifyy and Facebook

Hi. In the last year Identifyy has started to monetize content with my music released on Facebook/Instagram. Actually my income from Fb/Ig is very, very low comparing to Yotube and I wonder why.

  1. What are your experiences?

  2. What about releasing claims and claims clearance on Fb/Ig? I’ve heard it is not so obvious comparing to Youtube.


Don’t have FB monitoring enabled because my account is not performing well enough. They told me they had to see “tremendous” growth before enabling this service. Don’t know what tremendous equals to.

However, here’s what they said about FB claiming as opposed to Youtube claiming:

" YouTube Content ID takes into account several key factors such as views, territory, and watch time etc.

With Facebook Rights Manager, those factors are not taken into account nearly as much. Facebook values content that circulates in high volumes across its platform. In other words, with FRM, payouts depend on how many videos are playing your content, necessarily now how many views or streams your content gets. Typically you need to see your content in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of videos across Facebook for your copyrights to generate significant revenue."

If this is indeed accurate, then FB is screwing us copyright owners, big time.


do I have to enable that feature myself on Identifyy or do they do it for me cuz right now i’m only getting on Youtube.

This means your account hasn’t had that “tremendous” growth that will entice them to inject your tracks in the FB Rights Manager system.

It’s not something you can activate on your end. You can always ask them about it, though.


lol ok thanks. i’m doing fine on Youtube with Identifyy so im happy anyways.

The quicker Facebook dies, the better IMO. They blanket do not give a shít about music rights in media uploaded to their site, unless your music is owned by a major label. I long ago stopped caring about any music of mine that might end up on their awful platform, since they make it impossible for you to garner any information whatsoever about it. Facebook Rights Manager is akin to the ministry of plenty in George Orwell’s book 1984.