Identifying a VideoHive Template

I’m pretty sure that a gig on Fiverr is using a VideoHive template. I would love to purchase the same template but I’m having a hard time searching for it on VideoHive. I believe it is an After Effects template. I asked the member on Fiverr but they would not help me.

Here is a link to their gig

You’ll have to play their demo video to watch (It is less then a minute) and hopefully by doing so you can help me identify the AE template on VdieoHive. If you can, I’d love to get the link to the AE template.


p.s. if for some reason this isn’t a videohive template (he did once say he used AE), would anyone know how it was created? I’m a novice in the video world and maybe someone with a more trained eye can help me.

No takers?

From the FAQ section on the page you linked to…

Do you use templates, or do you create the original artwork yourself?
I create the original artwork myself using Adobe Illustrator, which is then animated by hand using Adobe’s After Effects for a unique, one-of-a-kind video. Your video, in other words, is 100% customized from the bottom up. Templates are a great tool–but will never come close to custom creativity.

That’s not a template from videohive.

It’s 100% custom work.