Identify Licensed Domains

I have two liscenses for a wordpress theme called encode from a few years back (2019 and 2020). The sites that we used those themes on have either switched themes or the sites have been taken down. I have the theme purchase codes but I can’t remember for the life of me what domains those themes were licensed to. Is there a way to figure that out from the envato platform that’s storing the purchase codes?

It’s not being stored on Envato but when you enter the code, if it’s in used, usually the theme gives you an error such as " the XXX code is in used with the domain XXX com "
Or you can just contact the item author for the support. They can help you. ( Not Envato )

Thanks for the quick response. That was my first option was to go straight to theme author, however, their support is not functioning properly and I’m not able to post or contact them…just figured maybe there was a way through Envato to ID the domain. That’s a good idea, if I register that theme on a new site, it will probably say it’s in use somewhere else.

Thanks again.