Ideas to improve VIDEOHIVE

Hello guys,
I want to share my propositions to improve videohive (for footage’s) upload page and tell you some ideas:

1) to make possible to store uploaded files on FTP more than 1 day - for example 5-10 days.
The reason is:
I want to upload 100 footage’s, therefore I would leave to upload files for some days and after that for one day I will describe (fill “Category & Attributes”, “Tags” and submit) all these files. In current situation (files are stored for 1 day) I interrupt each day for some hours to describe uploaded files - these is very uncomfortably constantly interrupted for this job.

2) I upload files to videohive via FTP server in order by file name, but when I open upload page - files have random order. Lets imagine: if you uploaded 100 footages (there are 400 files (zip files, thumbnails, image preview, video preview)), then it is incredible hell to find relevant files in the drop-down lists (Thumbnail, Main Files, Video Preview…):

But I found out, that if you often reload uploading page, then files will be displayed in your uploaded order. Please look at the following image


Trick: you can use some plugin in browser for AUTOREFRESH uploading page.

And my proposition is: to display files on the uploading page in NOTRANDOMIZE order, but in the same order as files were uploaded to the FTP server.

3) when you upload a lot of files to the FTP server, then your upload page on videohive becomes very long. To desrcibe each footage’s you should always scroll down a long time. This steps take time and annoying.
I propose to add some Button (or checkbox) to HIDE FILES list or GO TO THE END OF THE FILES LIST:

4) I shot 4K video and also would like to upload FullHD video. But now I need to upload separate 4K files and FullHD.
My proposition is to add possibility to upload the same footages 4K and FullHD at one time.

5) to add feature "auto fill length of footage and size of footage"

6) to add keywords count like this

In an ideal world this would be God send… Alas this is a real world…