Ideas on how to make a good resume to sell on envato?

I have a CV which I made myself and I usually keep improving it aesthetically whenever I apply, and over some months it has reached to the point where I get feed backs for how “nice looking” the CV is even when I don’t get the job.

The CV one page created with Word 2010, it has charts and icons from font-awesome, and everysince I learned that we can sell themes on evato, I keept improving it to make it appealing.

So, my questions is, since I know nothing of selling a CV in evanto, can person here give me your 2c worth advice as to how I can/should do to make the CV top quality and target wider audience so I can apply those changes and only release it when I think it is 100% ready?


###First of all you can sell a Resume/CV in a variety of formats:

Now, you should choose the way to want how to submit your CV/Resume. I think a Word Document is not acceptable for submission of the marketplace.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Hi ThemeSLR.

Thanks for your response, just all I needed to hear except about the word document not being acceptable.

Are you sure about that though? I see for example the a word format is included in the sellers inventory.

I always thought a Word doc made a nice bonus but it was only possible in addition to a professional format e.g. InDesign etc.

So, you mean I still can’t post only a word document version of the resume I have built? This is confusing.

No I mean you need to create it using InDesign or some other publishing format first and you can include a Word version also.

I could be wrong and am not a reviewer but I have never seen word only files approved.

It would probably be a good idea to share an image (not the full file) of what you have designed in these forums to get feedback also.

The issue you will have is that noone can get close to the quality and detail of design that InDesign offers when using MS office.

Well, this is a bummer. I don’t even know what inDesign is all about let alone to make something good with it worth selling. I could remake the resume in Photoshop, HTML, and WP theme … do you think that will be enough? In the sense I will be allowed to resell it?

Photoshop would probably be enough to submit for GrpaqhicRiver.

It’s totally different if you are talking about coding it - that would be Themeforest and becomes a separate project because of the different consideration of coding etc.

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