[Ideas Megathread] Let's make Envato Market great (again) together!

So just you know, we don’t have only complaints, but also helpful suggestions! :smiley:

With all the changes going on recently on the Market and the Market sales decreasing (confirmed by Collis on the 2019 Envato Annual Public Impact Statement Thread) we tought it would be a good idea to create a thread where market authors could freely suggest ideas to help the Markeplaces and their authors.

Just to keep the thread focused and organized, it would work like this: Authors can post suggestions (one suggestion per comment, but you can post several ones). Why is this? To help the Envato staff see the top ideas and suggestions we’re gonna update the original post, making a list with all the ideas that receive 10 or more likes (that’s why ideas should be posted on separated comments, so users can “vote” on the ones that like the most). Ideas with more than 30 likes will be featured at the top.

To help people quickly understand the ideas, you should format it like this example:

Idea/Suggestion: Give Icecream to every buyer that buys 2 or more items together

Benefit: This will help Increase the bulk purchases and push undecided buyers to buy more than 1 item

We’ll be posting a couple of ideas to get the ball rolling

Hoping that this could lead to same awesome and helpful suggestions that Envato could implement to help the Market. After all, what we all want is the same, make the Market truly succesful so both Authors and Envato can benefit from it.

As always, keep the thread clean and focused so mods won’t close it! And also, please don’t “self-like” your comments (from your or a different account) or ask for likes. Mods will be monitoring this and the idea will not be featured.

We are @ some Envato staff so they can also check this out @steve_lam @jamesgiroux @trent-aus @collis @BenLeong @KingDog

Thanks!! All the best!


Idea/Suggestion: Adding more quick links to the categories dropdowns

Here’s a quick sketch: (It can be also without the images) The best thing about this is that the pages are all there! Envato just need to add those new links to redirect to each one with the correct filtering options :slight_smile:

Benefit: This will help potential buyers navigate the market and guide them to quickly find what they are looking for.

  • Newest Items: After the category pages redesign, new items have been kinda relegated to the bottom of the page, so this will help buyers quickly browse the most fresh items of the category

  • Top New Files: Envato already has a link for this in the “All Items” dropdown, but this will be specific for each category. This will help files from smaller categories that still sell well to gain more exposure, because, for example, a PSD item can sell really well for his category, but can’t compete with the sales from, for example, WP items.

  • Now Trending: Quickly browse hottest items!

  • Weekly Top Sellers: Top Sellers of the week, just like we have at the moment.


Please be sure to keep Price Setting / Price Fixing suggestions out of this conversation if you wish for the thread to stay live! You can gladly give feedback on fees, but avoid the Price Fixing chapter in this Envato Hub Article. Looking forward to see your great ideas! :blush:



  1. Give buyers the ability to purchase Developer Licenses or to purchase a Buyout License, that will allow them the full rights to the item and the item will be removed from the market.

  2. Give buyers the ability to purchase Lifetime Support Extension at a price decided by the author or create Support Packages based on Days / Weeks that the author can set the price to!

  3. Give authors the ability to show a “Discount” badge on items, to show the original price and the discounted price!

  4. Give authors the ability to fully track Google Analytics conversions, from buyer accessing the page, up until the checkout, to see conversion rates.

These would be a great additions!

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Idea/Suggestion: Homepage Redesign to show items above the fold. here’s a rough sketch:


  • Making the search bar shorter to keep more items in sight above the fold

  • We have lots of returning customers and right now, the followers feed items is a little hidden for someone who doesn’t know what they are looking for. In this case, bringing back the follow feed will lead to more exposure and more returning customers sales.

  • We took the Envato Market and Elements Boxes and place them in a floating popup for the homepage. This way, if Envato wants to keep them they can do it without having to push the Market items all the way to the bottom. We would be taking advantage of the white space on the sides.

Idea/Suggestion: Increase the number of items that enter the weekly top sellers and order them in 4 columns, like the way they arrange items when Envato has some promo (like Cyber Monday)

Benefit: A while ago it seems that the number of items that enter the weekly top sellers has decreased. Increasing this number will help new items enter the list and will greatly help with the re change. That way potential buyers won’t see the same list of items week after week.
Making it 4 columns will help buyers browse them more quickly. You can move the featured authors column to the bottom, allowing for showcasing some of the authors items.

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This is a nice initiative, but thinking of ideas for the marketplace is a waste of time. The Envato team does not lack good ideas but their efforts are simply not aimed towards implementing them. I bet they have a huge list of (amazing) ideas and also WIP features that have been postponed or completely killed because the focus is now on Envato Elements and other additional business aquisitions and integrations.

I also wrote some ideas, more related to the authors being able to actually sell on the platform, and even though some people from the Envato team read or even liked my message there was no response as to what’s the current state or plans for the marketplaces.

You can not bring more customers without marketing, either done by the platform, the authors or through word of mouth. None of them seems to be really achievable:

  • Marketing by Envato: Focused on Elements
  • Marketing by Authors: Can’t really do it as explained in my previous post, you can not properly track conversion rates or offer a good buy experience and the affiliate system is broken, so you end up giving 30-50% of your marketing budget to Envato.
  • Word of mouth: If clients don’t have a good experience on the marketplace or there’s a better alternative, it’s hard to boost word of mouth marketing.

As someone else said, the platform seems to be in maintainence mode, so I do think that our feature suggestions won’t be even considered.