Idea to help great new tracks on Audiojungle

Hello All,

I’ve been a member on AJ for a few years now. One of the positives I miss from he ‘good old days’ was when a new track was accepted you would always get a few plays. There was a little exposure and a chance to get a few sales. At the moment tracks get lost very quickly. I remember being highly motivated to try and get a featured item. They were if I remember rightly placed proudly at the top of the homepage. I had an idea that on the homepage…

In the music box next to Newest and Best Sellers another ‘New Highly Recommended’ tab could be added. These track would be the best new accepted tracks selected by the AJ reviewers from that week or month but only a few. Maybe 10-20 tracks all the top quality. Easy to search for the buyers and over time something they would trust spending their time on. I know at the moment they have a featured section by they have tracks from 2018. This section would only be for brand new music and would change every week. It would give an achievable goal to some authors on here who seem to be losing motivation.


I think that between the windows of the Newest / Bestsellers, you need to place another Element banner.


Elements - what’s that?


It’s a spankingly huge prog rock track Stratovarius - Elements - YouTube

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