Idea of Odeum

Hello everybody!

I have an idea! And what if to arrange a musical contest type of a battle? For example, suppose that this contest will be admitted only musicians having at least 5 paw (approximately 640 people). They submit an application (I think, for one reason or another, there will be no more 400 applications), Envato team chooses from them, for example, 32 people. Then by draw need to compile participants of 1/16, where musicians opposed to each other in pairs. For each tour, Envato team describes the theme and the task for an item, and then select the winner in each pair. And so on (1/8, 1/4, semifinal and final). For item writing is given the same time for all musicians. The winner receives an Badge and Featured Item.

Aim is, at first, incentive to receive fifth paw (to get to the Odeum) and, at second, the opportunity to compete one-on-one with a more strong contender (by rated). :slight_smile:

Great idea!

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Thanks for the support!

so you ask for an envato Eurovision contest? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pourquoi pas? :wink:

dont know man ! maybe its a good idea ! the only thing that will make this stand is only if they judge after acceptance of the track ! not youtube or soundcloud uploads ! only market approved tracks !

It goes without. Even queue can be reduced for participants of the Odeum.

and a contest will be for everyone ! i’ve seen lvl 1 and 2 new authors that are amazing !

In this case the first stimulus will be disappear). And Envato team will not be able to evaluate so many participants. I also have no fifth paw.