Idea for search algoritm update






Hi my friend, you are on the right way, that’s a graet idea. Hope Envato will hear you and be willing.


Hi @steve_lam @BenLeong @Sarah_G @jamesgiroux

Very curious about what you think of this revenue idea in this thread?

Also very curious about what you think of the current “Price Gaming of the System” thats being increasingly done by many authors. Personally I´m most worried about the effect especially top selling authors have, “role modeling” for everybody that this can actually work to “secure” a place in the search engine and even top list entrances like we have seen a lot of lately.

I don´t know how this has played out on other markets, but for music tracks it seems like the development is going in the wrong way with increasing tempo, to many authors are desperate to get visibility and are therefore heading for extreme price dumping.

Is it something that you think is ok and that all authors who struggle with visibility could jump on to as well?

Don´t you think you are losing out on potential Elements customers when this price dumping on the market is increasing?

Thank you for any thoughts about this!


I support the idea. However, I think that a more balanced approach is to make count both sales and earnings.

Also, agree with AurusAudio that only Standart license sales should count.




I have an idea how Envato can improve search system. All we know that search order of items (best match) based on sales quantity (with some balance to date release, except top searches aka “corporate”). And it was very great before ADP. Maybe now it’s time to update search algorithm based on item earnings , not sales. This will help to promote items with better quality and to get higher search positions to them. And this will help to get Envato more earnings !


Thanks for the bump fellow copycat bot.

What do you say @BenLeong ? Anything that has been/will be considered in the thread above from Envato´s side?


Well said @sulmiyat! +100


It seems that this is great idea and everyone love this … :ok_hand:
But it will show profile earning or item earning directly … a buyer comes here to purchase a template or theme … But when he will check “sort by earning” … It will directly hit in mind that we also should do this …

I have checked many of profiles who stole others work and change things and upload again from number of profiles … Specially from Bangladesh

I think price range should be fix for category wise so Author can work only quality wise.

I will consider “Fix Price Range” category wise to promote best quality work. As earlier.

We really need solution on this.


Customers don´t care about how much a track has earned. Many customers get influenced by sales numbers as a social proof (thinking this must be good since so many others purchased it). Just like people are more likely to click like on a Facebook post if the post already got more than 10 likes.

But if revenue should be a factor in the search engine it could be something like: 50% counts for sales number, 25% counts for date published, 25% counts for revenue earned. This would all be hidden for customers, it would simply just affect where you are placed in the search engine. This would for sure minimise price dumping and let high quality items have a better chance.




I’m sure Envato will soon realize that minimum price for 2 minute track should be increased to $20.




Excellent Idea I agree with this.




It is a good idea to run
Ranking according to quality


Great Ideas I found those very helpful thanks


+++ yes, but nobody will hear man


Hi, guy’s.
I have a question about this idea.
How about TOP sellers? I mean, with exposure of their portfolios as all they stay on top page and have a lot of sales every day, so their new tracks become more vividly and more relevanted for picking up, their portfolio more good for SEO than others. Considering this fact, guy’s like them have more chance to make faster sells for their new songs too and so - more good for search system.
Do i right or not?