Idea for search algoritm update


That was my mistake - apologies to all. I just want Audio Jungle to be the best it can be and that Authors play fair and that buyers can find what they need for their project.


No worries mate, as I said in my initial reply. I was just putting out these rules, I love when the community comes together with ideas to improve, and staff have a huge collection of them, that get analyzed and whenever a bucket of ideas is needed you guys provide it.

I just posted it and removed all posts that talked about price changing so we don’t have to lock the thread down and waste valuable ideas and feedback from you guys! :slight_smile:


Another implicit threat? Why??
I can’t for the life of me understand your motivation, to threaten shutting down the thread, even as an insignificant aside.

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Enabled, with all due respect, I really do not see anyone colluding on price in this thread in any way shape or form.
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Discussing strategic ideas is not colluding. Collusion is “Hey everyone tomorrow set your price at____and keep it there for the rest of the year.” Enabled, us music authors can really (and barely) only agree on 2 things: The search algorithm needs work and the Top Sellers popular files system needs work.


With all due respect I deleted a few posts by now that you can’t see that were directly violating the terms about pricing talks, and that is exactly the reason I created my first post in the first place. Also, I edited your post, that was a direct example of what NOT to do.

I posted the first message in the idea of keeping this thread alive. Therefore, please abide by the request I made. It’s simple, talk anything you want, avoid pricing discussions. It’s a really simple and friendly request made for the single and sole purpose of allowing this thread to live on.

Furthermore, let’s keep to the topic. You guys opened this thread for a different purpose than what we’re talking now. If you wish, send me a message and we can talk more. Cheers! :slight_smile:


It will be great to make such search!


Great idea! I completely agree :wink:


Great and logical idea, mate! Completely agree!


Great idea! I fully support


+1 Yes!:clap::clap::clap: Author run for President!!!:heavy_check_mark:




Definitely +1


Realy cool idea! im+




Good idea!


Very wise idea! I fully support!


I agree. Related for consideration: times past it was the novel, unique, new to the world unpublished work that was, on balance more desirable. Here’s a wild idea Envato:)… slightly increase the price every time an asset is sold.


With ADP Envato are not allowed to fix prices.


Great idea!


Good idea, I like it!