Idea for search algoritm update


Useful idea!


Good idea! I completely agree! I hope this will be noticed …




Great idea! I like it! it should really save us from price dumping. The track that earned more money should be at the top of the search! (best match)


Really Cool Idea!


Fully support!


Really good idea, fully support! Unfortunately, Envato does not listen to such proposals. I hope that this will be an exception to the rule!


Fully support!




Sounds like a good idea! I support this!




Nice idea, fully support!


100% agree. But I don’t believe that the envato team is interesting in doing something for the authors, just for their profit.


+1 Nice idea


Perfect idea! Full support!




full agree!! +1000000

pls, Envato!


Totally support the idea.


Nobody is talking about pricing in any way that could remotely be construed as collusion or price-fixing or anything of the sort.

One can lament the proliferation of low cost items, and that has absolutely nothing to do with collusion or price-fixing.

One can wish that item revenue factors into search ranking, and that too has absolutely nothing to do with collusion or price-fixing.

Why is the threat of deletion so randomly and so enthusiastically wielded, especially when it is absolutely irrelevant to the subject at hand? In effect, it stifles the free flow of ideas and instills fear.


That’s your opinion, and it’s fine. My forum knowledge tells me differently, and that’s why I posted my previous message.