Idea for search algoritm update


Potentially yes, but some people like to set their B&Fs quite high, meaning one single sale could result in a massive, long-lasting spike in the search results. Maybe the effect can smooth out with higher prices?


Or there could be a cap on the “rank value” of higher tier licenses…e.g., $200…or whatever.


It’s time to put the dampers in the background. Good idea!


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So far it seems that the general author excitement of adding a revenue factor to the search engine is pretty clear. This idea is very simple and might be one of the most effective and healthy tweaks you can implement I believe.


  1. Envato will earn more money
  2. Authors will earn more money and think more business minded.
  3. High quality will float upwards more easily in the search engine.
  4. Customers will benefit, it will be less hard to find high quality tracks.
  5. Authors will find the sweet spot for the market price of quality music.
  6. The AJ market will chase more super low budget customers over to Elements subscription.
  7. Saturation of the market will be less, because authors will ultimately prioritise quality over quantity.
  8. Self purchasers and copy cats will have a harder time doing their monkey business.


  1. Envato will have to use resources to implement this.
  2. Music Standard Licenses should probably be the only licenses counted revenue for, or at least not let broadcast licenses have as much impact. Or max limit revenue cap as suggested in the post above.
  3. Envato and authors have to “accept” that the popular files list will also have tracks that are not listed chronological by sales numbers.

If this sounds like music to your ears as well, maybe you can start a potential experiment with AJ standard music tracks only? Also if this is something that will not be prioritised, please be so kind and let us know why.

Thanks in advance for passing this on! We really appreciate all your efforts lobbying around!


I’m not a developer so could be wrong about this, but I suspect that changes which involve making use of data which is already is available (ie total earnings for a track) are more likely to happen than ones which require a whole new metric to be put in place (ie earnings excluding BF licences or excluding licence sales above a fixed amount).


I like it! This will be an incentive to improve the quality of work. Because those who want to buy a track with poor quality will not. If you do your job well, then you get good money for it. From this all parties will benefit both Envato and the authors and clients.


It´s definitely a problem I think most authors could “live with” if broadcast licenses are just thrown in the same calculation.


I think that you will find that there are some really shady behaviour on this marketplace by authors and that they will react in such a way to whatever solution is ever proposed to help the community. I just stumbled across an author who has reduced their item price and will raise it upon reaching a particular sales target. I think that the community needs to conduct themselves in a more holistic way of selling rather than reducing this marketplace to a mess.


First time I want to vote because this idea is great and logical. It would help to correct prices that will be better for authors and customers. My thumbs up!


Great idea! :+1:


Sounds good :wink:


I fully agree and support.


Really nice idea. Support.


I think it’s great you guys are coming up with ideas to improve the search engines, and I’m sure they will be heard by the staff and taken into account, but, this thread does seem very “tricky” so please, take into account antitrust laws and legal consequences of posts.

  • It is strictly prohibited to suggest item prices.
  • It is strictly prohibited to advise on item prices
  • It is strictly prohibited to make discount arrangements
  • It is strictly prohibited to request pricing information or suggestions
  • It is strictly prohibited to advise on prices points to maximise sales

Are all strictly forbidden and will result in the thread locked and accounts banned. Please note that all the above elements have serious legal consequences. So keep them out of the conversation and you guys free to suggest any chances to the search engine.

Just please keep conversations out of the area where individual pricing is discussed If you see any post that includes any of the items in that list, please flag it, otherwise, when and if they start appearing we will lock this thread down and any others that appear.

Cheers guys! :slight_smile:


Same idea, without any discussion about prices. It’s fine?
“I have an idea how Envato can improve search system. All we know that search order of items (best match) based on sales quantity (with some balance to date release, except top searches aka “corporate”). And it was very great before ADP. Maybe now it’s time to update search algorithm based on item earnings, not sales. This will help to promote items with better quality and to get higher search positions to them.”


Always, when there is something new, there are problems. And all problems cannot be foreseen. I think it takes time and everything will be fine.


+1 fully support. It make sense. Because the situation in top new items and some top-key words is disgusting


Great idea! +100500


This is a good idea! Quality content should be on the first lines of the search!


+1 Very good idea!