Idea for search algoritm update


Can anyone think of any potential problems with implementing revenue as a factor in the search placement? (standard music tracks)


+1 It’s good idea!


Great idea!!!


I fully support.
It will give an incentive to write really cool tracks and raise the bar for quality.


As long as higher tier licenses are not counted. Someone could have a freak B&F license sale on an otherwise old / dormant / niche track, and according to this logic, would shoot way up the search results. This is not what we want either. It should be based purely on Standard License sales in my opinion.


Super idea!! Fully support!!


I think it would fair)


My idea mostly for new items. (to search algorithm that works with most keywords, except popular keywords like “corporate”, “inspiring” and so on). Now at top of the search displayed new items, but among them higher positions got items with more sales. My idea is to add relevance to this new items by their earnings, not sales.
Search algorithm for most popular words (“corporate”, “inspiring”) need another idea and discussion, because today algorithm for this words is different from algorithm for all other keywords.


It’s a great idea!Fully supported!


Great idea! Fully supported! !!!


This is important!


Fully support this idea! :+1: It makes the most sense given the ADP environment.


It should be like this: the number of sales is multiplied by the price of the item. Divided into two. This way we get the sales ratio.


Absolutely agree!


fully agree!!!


+1 This is a great idea! Envato please Do it! Buyers who want cheaper can do the sorting by price! You do not lose anything!


Great idea!


+1 Great idea!!!


I support this idea


You know, if the complexity of excluding BF licences became a reason NOT to make this change, would it matter that much if the odd track which got a big BF sale was higher in the SE for a while? It wouldn’t happen that often, particularly if newness/recent earnings were also factors, and the tracks could well deserve the exposure.