Idea for hip hop music

Do you think this song sounds good?
Would it deserve to continue?
Hope you can help me with some ideas!
Thank you and greetings!

in my opinion a little poor and its missing, piano and drum section like a real midi. I would recommended to listen bestseller hip hop music on audiojungle or from famous artists and compare sound between your track and another track.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I’m not very familiar with this genre, but I agree with @EliansProductions in terms of production … moreover I listen some weird piano notes and I don’t know if this can works here… I recommend the same than elians… listen some nice tracks from the best AJ composers and take serious note from them.
Good luck

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Hey StudioFA96, thanks for sharing. It sounds like you have potential but need to start fine-tuning things. The things I would work on first are making sure everything is in rhythm (your scratches and vocal samples are not quite locked in), then I would consider the harmonic elements of the track and whether they fit together well enough. You should work on your synth bassline and little electric piano riff that happens every so often and make them more complimentary to the main piano.

Keep at it - and like others said, check out some other music that you like and try to really listen and figure out all of the little things that make those tracks special.

One piece of advice I will give is to trust your instincts - If you play a part and deep down you know it’s not quite right, fix it or try a different idea. The human brain will get used to anything if you listen to it enough, so it’s important work on those “not quite right” things while you have a somewhat fresh perspective.

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the song sounds very friendly, positive and creative. You are new producer right? I see alot potential for the future but you should keep learning, practising and investing in your music. What I can recommend: The bass should be warmer and louder (use saturation), the kick could be NY parallel compressed (Compressor (Klanghelm MJUC Compressor is TOP!") , and everything could be more glued together ( Glue compression). Helpful youtube channels: Dave Pensados “Into the lair”, Recording Revolution, check out new Vst plug ins. Read and Watch Everything what you can get about Mixing/Mastering, Audio Engineering etc.

Me personally I have joined here with 10 years experience of making music already. But really learned HQ producing I did the last 2 years.

Cheers =)

PS Check out refx Nexus-Vst and the Expansions they do offer (at Christmas time they give alot pricing off)

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Hello guys!
Thank you for your wonderful feedback!
I’ve been working a lot lately, I’ve been trying for a long time to load a song on AJ, your comments help me move on!
Thank you very much!
And I hope I can improve my music to be accepted!